Functional Ayurveda Detox Cleanse

Why Cleanse?

Our bodies are always taking in toxins from the food we eat and the air we breathe and this accumulation of toxins (known as Ama) can create a host of issues, including poor digestion, lack of energy, constipation, sleep issues and more.

According to the Ancient healing practice of Ayurveda, our natural state of being is health, balance and happiness. Toxins can enter our bodies and minds and create imbalances in our natural state. This over time can lead to illness.

Functional Medicine looks at a person’s genetic predisposition to effectively detox toxins and incorporates the proper integration of helpful detoxification nutrients to lower the body’s burden of toxins. Our bodies are constantly regenerating and renewing on a cellular level every day. Over time, stress, overly processed foods and environmental toxins can disrupt the body’s natural ability to heal. A cleanse can help you to restore balance to your body and mind, and help you to return to your innate state of good health and well-being.

This gentle cleanse will support the body’s physiology by slowing down the intake of toxins, giving the body a much needed opportunity to rest, recuperate and repair itself.

In addition, this cleanse can also help to:

  •  Support health weight loss
    • Improve digestion and metabolic function
    • Improve elimination
    • Create a greater sense of energy and vitality
    • Promote clarity and groundedness in the mind and body
    • Encourage balanced sleep cycles.
    • Join me the week of January 15th for this effective and safe cleanse to help your digestive system, sleep, energy and well-being. Our bodies build up toxins and can zap our energy. This cleanse incorporates both Functional Medicine and Ayurveda principles to enhance your lifestyle and dietary habits to bring you to more optimal health and vitality. We will meet as a group on zoom for three coaching sessions and guidance. You will receive a PDF with all the details and what to purchase.

The cost of this program is $150. Additional costs will be your food and any self-care items that you choose.

We will meet the week before the start of the cleanse on zoom to go over the program and PDF


We will meet on zoom for one hour to go over the details of the cleanse in the PDF. You will be receiving the PDF before the start of the week so that you can purchase your foods in advance and some of the optional self-care items.

We will cover the self-care rituals, the Elimination diet, determine your Ayurveda Dosha, and go over the food options. You can choose the classic Kitchari for the 3 days or a combo or just the whole foods. All the foods are listed in the PDF and are tailored to your Dosha.

Beginning the Cleanse

You can choose what 3-5 days you would like to do the diet part of the cleanse. Some may prefer to do it closer to the weekend.
We will have our second zoom meeting mid week to check in and see how everyone is doing. Date to be determined after everyone selects their cleanse days.

End of Cleanse:

We will have a wrap up zoom meeting and talk about how to re-introduce your regular foods back into your diet. And, how you can maintain the effects of the cleanse moving forward.

It is important while doing any kind of detox to be supported with nourishing foods, hydration, self care and mindfulness. We will cover all of this during the week while cleansing. And, I will be your support throughout the entire week.

I hope you can join me for this self-care journey to greater health and wellness.